Growing Lychee Fruit

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The Lychee is a tropical and subtropical fruit tree which belongs to member of the Litchi in the soapberry family. Lychee is can be found in tropical countries in Asia, and Mexico. The Lychee fruit has a fragrance smell and sweet taste. The Lychee tree can be grown from seeds. Despite that, Lychee tree grown from seed is unlikely to you produce fruit. If you want the fruit, you must use non hybrid Lychee seed. Lychee tree will starts to bear fruits about seven years after planting.

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The soil must be rich with alluvial loam. The ideal pH of the soil is 6.5. If the soil is acidic, you can add lime. To propagate by air layering, you should girdle a branch for about two days to make it become callus. After that, you can apply some mud and straw to the branch and wrap it with burlap the branch should be watered frequently until it develops roots. After 100 days, you should prune off the branch. The diameter of the earth ball should also be increased to 1 foot. The air layer should be grown in a sheltered nursery for approximately one year. While in the nursery, the plant must be exposed to the full sun before replanting it in the orchard.
The best season to plant Lychee tree is during the late spring when there is no more frost.  Once the tree is mature, you will only have to water it when there is no rain for a long period of time.

The planting site should be exposed to the sunlight all day. The soil of the ground should be organically rich with composts. In addition, moist soil and good drainage will encourage the growth of the tree. If the site did not get enough sun, the tree will be unlikely to produce fruit. The site also must be protected from the wind because new growth is fragile and can be destroyed easily. The soil should acidic and have a pH in the range of 5.5 – 7.5. Lychees will thrive in the soil that has a pH range of around 5.5.
You should use organic compost to fertilize the tree. If you use artificial fertilizer, it can easily burn the roots. Artificial fertilizer will also kill the earth worm in the soil. Earthworms provide many benefits to the soil because of their physical and chemical effects in the buttows.  Earthworm casts consists of the waste that is produce from the residue of digested plants. Earthworm enhances the soil fertility through the waste excreted in the form of the casts near the roots of the trees. If there are no earthworms in the soil, you can add them to the soil. Composts provide a source of nitrogen for the tree. Instead of using raw manure, you should use fully composted manure. Mulching can also increase the fertility of the soil.

After planting the Lychee tree, you must frequently prune it and remove the dead leaves. Removing dead leaves from the tree can encourage to tree to have a lush growth. Pruning can make the Lychee tree produce a more abundant fruit Lychee tree is suitable for growing in tropical climates. They are a native to the southern regions in China. They can also be found in countries such as Hawaii, India, Madagascar, Pakistan, and Thailand.

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