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Top 5 most beautiful gardens in Europe

Posted on January 18th, 2010 by kikonja in Garden, The Best Gardens

If you have love towards nature and like travelling a lot then Europe is the place which can be a feast to the senses. There are a lot of gardens and they are said to be some of the most beautiful gardens of the world. Going there and spending some time is almost the best thing in your life as they are such beautiful and serene. You can literally forget the whole world when spending time there. The gardens are well maintained and are as old as centuries. To go there and visit a few gardens you need to well-plan your schedule so that you can cover more in less time. There are a lot of places and each place is outstanding and special in its own way. Now let me tell you about the five most beautiful gardens that you can visit.

Royal botanical gardens in London

Royal botanical gardens londonSource



This is one of the most beautiful gardens that you will ever come across. Spread over 300 acres, it has almost forty thousand plants which really make you hang around for days. It is very difficult to see it all in very less time. If you don’t have much time to spend there, at least spend time in viewing the highlights of the garden. There are at least two batches of tours allowed in a day and you can book your tour in advance and it doesn’t cost you a lot. There are so many options that you will literally get confused about what to view first. You will come across many stunning and beautiful sights. Ensure that you visit those glass houses. There are some great structures which were as old as the Victorian era. They are the palm house and the temperate house. Apart from these they are also some new glass houses. Don’t miss the aquatic garden. There are more than a hundred types of plants grown there. Walk through the tree top walk way which enables you to see everything from a different view.

Royal botanical gardens in Scotland

Victoria glass house


royal garden


Spread in 70 acres it is a garden which is very beautifully landscaped and is located in the city. The best time to go there is in the afternoon. There are several must see spots inside- which include the rock garden (don’t miss this) and also the Scottish-Heath garden. There is also Queen Mother’s garden where there are plants from various parts of the world. Also ensure that you watch the Chinese hillside. There is a large collection of plants there. And these plants are Chinese. There are also glass houses; don’t miss the Victoria glass house. Enjoy the view of palm trees and also the sight of tropical flowers.

Generalife in Spain



generallife spain


Don’t ever miss this spot if you ever go to Spain. These gardens are also called as art forms of landscape. It is a very beautiful place situated very high on a plateau. There are the Sierra Nevada Mountains nearby. The garden belongs to the 13th century. Previously the same place was filled with orchards and green pastures. Over a period of time they have evolved into a very beautiful place filled with rose and lily flowers and also pools. It is a celebration to your senses if you just sit and stare at the beauty of the nature there. Just enjoy the pleasant beauty of the greenery with chirping birds and smells of flowers. You have to get your tickets in advance.

Nymphenburg Palace gardens in Munich

Nymphenburg Palace gardens




It is a very beautiful place to spend time in the morning and appreciate the nature’s beauty. The gardens look royal. They date back to the 17th century and have been transformed. It started as a small garden and later on developed into a big one. There are also statues of those Greek-Gods and also large ponds. There are a large variety of plants and also birds like swans. It can make a very good picnic spot with the family. You will really enjoy that place and if you plan your trip well you can cover a major portion of it in less time.

Monet’s garden in France

Monet’s garden in France




It is a very beautiful place connected to the village of Giverny. The gardens are near Claude Monet’s mansion and he really made them beautiful. There are beautiful flowers which are colorful and also ponds which make the place a serene one and a peaceful one. There is also a flower garden along with a water garden. The sights and sounds of the place are very pleasant and any visitor going there will carry the memories for a life time. Man had always been in love with nature as it makes him forget about all the trivial things of his life. It really is a big break from the rest of your life’s commitments and it refreshes you a lot. Also make sure you visit the village.

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, France

There are a lot many gardens in Europe which are very beautiful and stunning. Listing only a five from those is really difficult. Also seeing all those gardens in a single trip is very difficult and is impossible as there are so many things to be seen and every garden is a vast thing in itself and anyone who goes there cannot come out without spending much time inside. Travelling there is worth it as you will feel the pleasure of enjoying the nature. If you go there with your family your family with thank you for showing such a pleasant spot. The main beauty of those places is that the gardens are preserved from centuries and the landscaping is done almost like an art. The flowers are like decorations and chirping of birds in the garden makes it more beautiful. If a person is a nature lover then this place is almost a heaven to him. If you can take some time out of your busy schedule, then do not think about where to travel. I would recommend these places for anyone who is looking to come back refreshed from a tour or a holiday. Happy journey!

9 Comments on “Top 5 most beautiful gardens in Europe”

  1. peter donegan


    agrees in most part with the above list but can’t believe the Monte Palace Tropical Gardens in Madiera haven’t made the cut…. ;) and none from Ireland either…? ;)

    best wishes

  2. Peter Dowdall

    A hard list to compile. May I suggest Mount Congreve in Waterford

  3. OrugTor

    Good list. The photos don’t do justice to the gardens.Very difficult to choose what to include. There are many Generalife-like gardens in Spain attached to alcazars that might have substituted for the Generalife. One of the London parks (Regent’s, St. James…) might have made the cut.

  4. Charlotte

    Quite a few missing here …. what about the gardens of Menton … Val Rahmeh; Trebah in Cornwall; Longwood Gardens, USA?

  5. Allaiyah

    Looks quite a bit like Golden Gate Park.

  6. chidi

    This is just paradise on earth, i appreciate the landscape design. i will like to part of the team that did this piece.

  7. boniphace alex

    ……….i really appreciate nature! for what i c, ts better for z whole human community to develop long live tendency on appreciating nature. on z other hand, artificial gardens development makes the earth hopeful planet to live in……………..i like these gardens.

  8. Barb

    A lovely website which I enjoyed very much. While the pictures are thoroughly proffesional the text could use some more fine tuning. The writer is making a large effort to be sure, and definately shows promise. If they intend to persue proffesional writing. I suggest they do as much reading themselves of actual literature, not pop literature, newspapers or magazines of any kind. I am not well enough educated to be able to suggest specific items off the top of my head, so to speak. The content is very good. I find and many real writers say that time spent polishing it is the trick. Overall very enjoyable.

  9. hnd

    thank to y for this beautiful garden

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